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Use Plastic Pallets And Save Trees, GO GREEN

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The future starts with you and us so let’s inspire change, together. As a leading plastic manufacturing company, we have implemented sustainable business practices that help minimize harm and maximize benefits to the environment, the economy and our local community. Our goal is to guide our transition to advanced technology development while setting fundamental values and principles to building a solid sustainable future for the community.

Are Plastic Pallets Recyclable and Sustainable

The answer is yes, Plastic pallets are 100% recyclable and sustainable. Plastic pallets are incredibly durable platforms that can make in excess of 100 trips in their lifetime before they become unfit for the purpose. They will then enter a recycling system to be reground, reformed, and reborn as a new pallet. Recycling Pallets keeps the plastic out of landfills—and out of the ecosystem. Wood pallets, in comparison, can only be recycled into mulch or firewood but are much more likely to end up slowly decomposing in a landfill.