Material Handling

Material Handling System & Role of Cherry

Any industrial activity cannot be imagined without Material handling. With the growing emphasis on productivity, profitability, product consistency and quality, energy conservation, eco-preservation and efficient deployment of financial and human resources, Material handling has come to play a crucial role in every industry & organization.

Plastic crates have revolutionized Material handling in Pakistan and Cherry has been the pioneering Spirit in this revolution. Being 18 years in the material handling business & starting with the first plastic crate for the food processing industry we are now the largest manufactures for material handling products with the widest range which includes plastic crates, industrial pallets, bins, etc.

Every year new designs & sizes are introduced keeping in mind the importance on transport/ productivity quantity, space utilization & cost effectiveness with the result today Cherry Markets many different models of material handling crates & bins to suit diverse applications. In various user industries like automobile, Pharmaceutical Engineering , Electrical, Hospitality & Catering, Logistic supermarket, Electronics, Retail, Food & Beverages, Agriculture & Seafood etc.